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You probably expected to see a more detailed list of services that we offer and how they may benefit your business.


However, this is not how we like to start the conversation with our partners.


We don't want to fit you to one of our services, as we see each challenge as unique.


We also don't want you to get blinded by buzzwords and pay for technology that you don't really need.

We want to hear your story first and then see how we can find a solution together.


Our favourite technologies

  • Languages

    • Java

    • NodeJS

    • TypeScript

    • Angular

    • C#, VB.NET, C++

    • Python

    • PHP

    • HTML

  • Machine Learning

    • TensorFlow

    • Keras

  • SQL Databases

    • MySQL 

    • Oracle

    • SQL Server

    • PostgreSQL

  • NoSQL Databases

    • MongoDB

    • DynamoDB

  • Cloud Management

    • ​AWS

    • Azure

    • Terraform

    • Ansible

    • Docker

    • Jenkins

    • Kubernetes

..and there's many more that we know and also we never shy away from trying something new!


& Advisory

For more information on Architecture & Advisory services, please write to us.

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